Frequently Asked Questions

1)      Questions about e-library

Q:  May I have access to Ankara University’s databases from home?
 A:  Please visit for further information.

Q: Do I need a password to have access to the databases?
As the databases we subscribe to are made accessible via universities’ IP blocks, you  do not require a password.

Q: Why do I have difficulty in accessing the back issues of some of the journals listed in the databases?
This depends on the subscription terms – in line with the license agreement, you may require a password and username in order to access articles that are not covered by the subscription period.

Q: Do you provide training about how to use the databases?
Yes. Upon request, the Library and Documentation Centre offers certain training programs for our users.

Q: May I download the articles in the database on to my computer?
Yes. You may download, print or e-mail the articles in our databases.

Q: How may I find out whether Ankara University has a subscription to a journal that I am searching for?
You may find whether the journal you are searching for is included among the journals that our university subscribes to by clicking the electronic library (E-library) located under the library link on our university’s webpage, and then by typing the name of the journal or the ISSN number in the Access to the Subscribed Journals in the Databases link. In doing so, you may also find information as to which issues of the journals may be accessible, as well as the terms of subscription.

Q: Where could I find information regarding the usage of the databases?
The link to the databases can be found on the electronic library (E-library) located under the library link on our university’s webpage, where you can find information about the usage of the databases. When you click on the database link, which can be found at the bottom of the electronic library interface, you will see the alphabetical list of our databases, as well as the help link located next to each of the databases. For further information you may use the user guides and help links within the databases, alternatively you may ask the librarians working at your faculty, or ring (+903122141350 ext. 6092).

Q: Who should I contact if I encounter a problem with the databases?
You may notify us about a problem either by way of getting in touch with the librarians at your faculty, or by calling the Library and Documentation Centre (+903122141350 ext. 6092), and/or by sending an e-mail to

2)      Questions about the Open Archive

Q: Who may archive publications in the Ankara University Institutional Repository?
Academic staff of Ankara University.

Q: How may I archive my publications in the Ankara University Institutional Repository?
First, you need to sign up for the system, and get a password. For further information please visit the Institutional Repository page. Once you have a password, you may sign up and view the self-archiving process step by step on the Open Archive page help link.

Q: Is there a yearly limit to the articles that I may archive in the Ankara University Institutional Repository?
There is no yearly limit to the articles that you may archive in our university’s repository.

Q: What kind of publications may I archive in the AAnkara University Institutional Repository?
You may archive your published and to-be-published articles, your works published in research journals indexed by international citation indexes, your papers, projects, conference notes, reports, course notes, print and electronic copies of your book chapters.

Q: Is a password required to view the articles in the Ankara University Institutional Repository?
No. You have free access to all of the full-text documents in the open archive system, without a password or username, on any computer with internet connection.

3)      Questions about borrowing and library catalogue

Q: What should I do to borrow books from other university libraries?
In line with agreements with other university libraries, the academic staff of Ankara University with the library loan forms obtained from their own libraries may use other university libraries in Ankara. You may get further information from the librarians in charge at your faculty.

Q: May I borrow books from other faculties of Ankara University?
All of our academic and administrative staff may borrow items from the libraries of our faculties by presenting their personnel ID cards.

Q: May I view the information resources available in the collection of the Ankara University libraries without going to the library?
Yes. By clicking the Online Catalogue located under the library link on our university’s webpage, you may browse the information resources available in the collections of all of the libraries at our university. You may also access the bibliographic record of the information resource you are searching for, get information regarding the location as well as the loan status. You may browse using various parameters such as name of the author, title, publisher, and publication date, and you may start your search by typing either one parameter or all of them. You may browse anywhere with internet connection.

Q: How may I view dissertations completed at Ankara University?
You may have access to the print copies of MA and PhD dissertations completed at Ankara University in the respective faculty libraries. Dissertations where full access permission has been granted by the author are available for viewing in the Ankara University Institutional Repository